Working for the Overseas Trading Department

Overseas Trading Department’s Role at Tokin

In the Overseas Trading Dept., starting with the USA and China, then to India, Thailand, ASEAN countries and Europe, we cover a considerably large range of business. As Japanese automakers increase manufacturing development overseas, we as suppliers are expected to meet their global needs. The Tokin group includes: headquarters in Hamamatsu, Japan, manufacturing in Suzhou, China and distribution in Ohio, USA. Together these sites act as a global hub for our customers.

Job Description

Primarily, our department handles order processing and export shipment for overseas distributors, robot makers, system integrators, Japanese-owned trading companies, local trading companies, and other sales channel or supply chain affiliates. In order to meet end-user specific needs and make appropriate adjustments, internal coordination between our sales and engineering department is essential. Within the Tokin group, we also import components from our manufacturing subsidiary in Suzhou, China and export finished goods to our distribution subsidiary in Ohio, USA. Our sales team members typically visit customers overseas once every two months for 7 to 10 days. Emailing with customers is generally done in English so business level reading and writing skills are required.

Worthwhile Work・Improving Your Skills

Even though companies may be Japanese-owned, in reality the welding operations are done by local non-Japanese workers. Given the region of the world, the standards by which things are evaluated, selected, and inspected changes. Over time your ability to accept disagreements in thinking will increase. As a trade partner, this occupation will allow you to learn varying end user and distributor commercial practices.

Japanese automakers at both their overseas and domestic manufacturing sites use many predetermined specifications. Therefore, daily correspondence with the domestic sales department is typical. Throughout your career, you’ll gain a balanced sense of foreign and domestic production needs.
Japanese capable American staff
Japanese proficient American staff residing in Japan.
Coordination with Tokin America subsidiary in Ohio, U.S.A.
Coordination with Tokin America subsidiary in Ohio, U.S.A.
English email and trade document centered staff.
English email and trade document centered staff.


08:00 Reporting for Work・Email Check
08:10 Setting the day’s plan (considering times zones and priorities)
08:15 Radio Calisthenics・Morning Meeting
08:30 Delivery Management (answering supplier emails and coordinating company needs)
09:00 Processing Orders (confirming customer order details)
09:30 Verifying Documents (invoices, etc.)
10:00 Internal Preparations (checking for inventory, available to promise schedules, creating packing lists)
11:00 Internal Notifications (import goods and schedules)
11:30 Today’s Shipping Arrangements and Cargo Pickup Reservations. (contacting transportation companies, coordinating with warehouse staff, etc.)
12:15 Lunch
13:00 Processing Order (Suzhou Tokin)
13:30 Processing Orders (confirming customer order details)
14:00 Internal Preparations (checking for inventory, available to promise schedules, creating packing lists)
16:00 Processing Orders (America・Europe)
16:30 Next Day Shipping Arrangements and Cargo Pickup Reservations (contacting transportation companies, coordinating with warehouse staff, creating invoice, etc.)
17:30 End of Workday
This listing represents the overseas trading department’s base schedule.

Orders for components or finished products are placed in China, the Americas, and Europe.

Likewise, orders for the company’s products are received from SE Asia, the Americas, Europe, and other markets. Workflow and customer communications are organized around time zone differences and shipping options.

Overseas Trading Department Desired Candidate

Mr. Ohta

Desired Candidate

First, English written communication skills are essential.
As an overseas facing department we often deal with cultural and commercial practices that differ greatly from Japan. A willingness to adapt oneself to the situation and think internationally is appropriate. In order to do business overseas it’s also important to learn the technical aspects of sales contracts, import customs, and other required documentation.

A desire to develop one’s own business knowledge is highly encouraged.

Young Candidates

Beyond just supporting our existing customers we’re focused on finding new global markets for our products. As you learn our core competencies you will be able to better understand potential markets we could enter. Communication is key to our business and we support employees proposing kaizen areas or opportunities in products and markets alike.